Dab Tool with Removable Silicone Cap - 61mm (Small)

Dab safely, efficiently, and in style with this silicone-tipped tool.

The silicone tip is formulated to work safely up to temperatures of 450F. The tip is removable if you need/prefer to use the metal tip directly.

The silicone tip allows you to safely maneuver your wax, oil or budder without damaging your heating element the way you can with a metal tip, depending upon your usage.

Non-stick rubber tips are easier to manage sticky wax and oils. It's the same principle behind why your mom used silicone tipped spatulas to bake you brownies! ;-)

Product Features

  • Works with both nails and pens
  • Stainless steel construction, holds up under high temperatures
  • Removable silicone caps allow for non-stick handling
  • Silicone caps prevent damage to hardware & heating elements
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Length: 61mm

Item Specifications