2.5" (62mm) 4-Piece Aluminum Grinder - Green

We agonized for months over this grinder -- from the teflon ring that lets the top slide smoothly, to the ultra strong magnet in the lid, we have left no detail to chance.

But why do we say this is the best grinder ever?! It's not just about the ultra sharp teeth, but about the size and quantity of holes as well! See, holes are critical and often over-looked. We've seen other grinders with too many teeth -- sure they're sharp alright, but you end up with a little herb traffic jam going on because there's no place for the ground up herb to fall through and get out of the way. We have a perfect balance of sharp teeth and adequate holes in the base to allow the ground-up material to fall through to the bottom and out of the way, so that the rest of the material can continue to grind naturally.

This is our flagship grinder - the Premium Green Goddess Supply Herb Grinder! Featuring four parts, it includes a screen and "catch" chamber for the pollen / kief, beneath the main catch chamber for the ground herb.

BONUS! Includes free scraper & soft carry pouch

Product Features

Large 2.5" (62mm) diameter
"Sharp Tooth" grinder for great, finely ground herb
Smooth and easy to use!
Four parts
Includes screen and bottom catch chamber for pollen / kief
Includes a FREE pollen scraper
Includes a soft, fabric storage pouch, and b

Item Specifications